May 17, 2012


Kool-Aid....the delicious beverage that is usually banned from our home, but after running out of juice on a Saturday, with no vehicle to get me to a store, Kool-Aid it was. I made my kids a gallon of the blue kind. Not only was it a hit, it was like crack! My 6 older kids went through that gallon within a couple of hours! I told Stone and Jovie they had had enough, but when I would go down to do laundry or some other chore they would con their older brothers into getting them some more of the good stuff. Stone had never had Kool-Aid before and he was by far the worst. He got a cup and downed it within minutes. It was so bad I had visions of him years from now sitting at Kool-Aid-aholics Anonymous with a red perma-stach yelling, "Oh, yeah!"

Now, I understand this looks really bad here, because it seems like my kids just consume massive amounts of sugar all day long, but the next day all the kids were enjoying a Blow Pop. No one wanted the green apple flavored pop, so I gave it to Stone, who was just happy to get one.

They all sat out in the living room quietly. The sound of slurping was all I could hear. A few minutes went by and Stone came toddling out to the kitchen. His face was covered in bright green slime. He held up a bright green covered hand and whined, "Poop!"

I smiled at his error, "No Stone, it's pop. It's a lollipop."

He held up his hand again, "Poop!" 

"I'm not wiping you off until you finish. I don't feel like wiping you a million times before you're done. I think you'll make it."






Sigh....."Fine, give me your hands." 

Stone held his hand up and I noticed something peculiar, a chunk.

"Oh my gosh! Is that poop?!" I yelled.

Stone smiled, and proudly repeated, "Poop!"

Lesson 150: Not realizing your son has poop on his hand because it is stained the same color as the sugary treat he has in his other hand, and it's that color because of the massive amount of sugary treat he consumed the day before = white trash

Yeah, the Kool-Aid is going back into hiding.