November 29, 2011


Adam surprised me today with a girls day out with his business partner, Lisa. In a few hours I will be leaving (without kids!) to go get my hair done with a female who doesn't whine and cry for stuffed animals and fruit snacks.

My hair has gotten quite long. It hasn't seen a pair of scissors since December 2009. My head has the only hair in the house that requires a professional. Jovie has never had her hair cut, and I am responsible for all the male hair disasters in our family. In my own defense, I am extrememly tired of cutting hair after the 3rd person, and I always have 2 more heads of hair to cut.

When I heard about my surprise I tried to recall the last time I went to the salon. It was my 30th birthday, and I was pregnant with Stone. That's when I realized the sad truth.....

Lesson 136: having more babies than hair cuts = white trash

In a two year time span, I have gotten my hair cut once, and I have given birth to 3 babies! Yikes! I'm hoping the ratio changes a little. My new goal for the next two years is to get my hair cut 3 times and only give birth to 1 baby. Haha!

November 5, 2011

Poor Daddy

Christmas is hard on a family of 10, especially one living on a lone chef's income. The kids aren't ever disappointed, and I really didn't think they paid any attention to what was wrapped in Adam's and my stockings.

Have you seen the new Walmart commercial where the dad runs his kids over trying to get to the presents on Christmas morning? If you haven't, the dad gets a new tv and exclaims, "I wonder how it fit down the chimney!"

This commercial played the other night while Jet, Jude, and I watched Wheel of Fortune. After it aired, Jude looked at me and asked, "What happened?" I was puzzled, but answered, "That daddy got a tv for Christmas." Jude became quite sober and said, "Wow, that dad is really lucky. Our Dad only gets socks and underwear for Christmas."

Lesson 135: kids being depressed for you because your Christmas presents are nothing more than the necessities you neglected yourself of throughout the year = white trash

I didn't know our kids gave much thought to what we got. Maybe that's why they never complain about the small amount of gifts they get under the tree. They realize it could be much worse. They could be poor Daddy.