April 18, 2013

No Mas Huevos!

In 2010, following Stone's birth, I developed a brief allergy to eggs. It was awful, because I love eggs. So, I would eat them and then have stomach cramps. This lasted a few weeks.

Again, after the birth of the twins, I got abdominal pains after eating eggs. It was never too bad, but it was annoying.

After I gave birth to Hawk eggs became my enemy. The abdominal pains were horrible this time around. I couldn't even eat things with a little bit of egg in it without severe pain. I stayed away from eggs for awhile, but they were calling my name one night, and I decided to eat 3 fried eggs.

Big mistake.

The next thing I knew, I was on my knees, my face was smashed into my bed, and my arms were extended and holding a screaming infant. I wanted to die! The pain was so horrific it made me sick to my stomach, and Adam insisted he take me to the hospital. Of course, I was perfectly fine after I had up-chucked the eggs.

When my Mom was here we discussed my weird temporary allergy that I only get after I give birth. My Mom started laughing. She had figured out the secret.

Lesson 174 : In fear of fertilization, your body rejects all eggs....even if it's from a chicken = white trash

Thanks Mom for your medical discovery. You should have been a doctor!