February 1, 2011


There are a lot of boys in this house. This results in an ample supply of fake firearms. The fake ones have always been enough, but as of late, the boys have put in requests for REAL guns.

My response to their pleas? Dramatic laughter in their hopeful little faces.

Adam took the adult approach and decided to inform them about real guns. The conversation went like this:

Adam: "Boys, do you know what we use real guns for?"

Picture this, my boys jumping on our bed in excitement. I'm pretty sure they thought they were closer to reaching their dreams now that Dad had engaged them in a real conversation about it.

Their responses:

Jude: "To shoot trees!" - What did trees ever do to Jude? I wonder.

Jet: "To shoot animals that are being bad!" - Jet gets a gun and his first order of business is to find Old Yeller and put him down.

Jagger: "To shoot the Rebels!" - Oh, my little Sith Lord, living in a constant state of warfare with the Jedis in his mind.

Adam busted out laughing and the conversation was over. Trust me, they won't be getting real guns anytime soon.

Lesson 105: one question asked, and the responses from my children offend environmentalists, PETA, and those who use the Force = white trash


  1. hahaha! Awww DAMN!!! Hey, Jude might not like trees...we all saw Poltergist, Jet is right, some animals can be bad....we all saw Cujo, and Jagger....man, Jagger is just awesome all on his own so he doesn't need a reason. Let the uzis be dispensed!!!!


  2. You are hilarious! I too have often been labeled white trash. I have five children(only three are from myself. the other two are stepchildren but still my babies) and I sympathize with everything you are experiencing. 7 is my lucky number too. And we're from the South, Tennessee to be exact, and we believe in teaching our children about guns early on.

    We bought my son and daughter bbguns for Christmas.My son runs through the yard attempting to shoot the squirrels that throw acorns at him. Thankfully, he is unable to pump the gun without help otherwise our trees and windows would be in severe threat. I am proud to say however that he knows how to handle a gun and never acts irresponsibly with it.

    Thanks for tweeting about this blog. I'm going to start following! My blog is rednekmommy.blogspot.com. :) Proud of it. Have a great night.