November 4, 2010


People tell me all the time that we need a dog. Why would I need a dog when I have my kids? Today alone Stone has chewed on multiple shoes, and ate an important document. Jude has acquired a phobia of the bathroom, and refuses to open the back door by himself, so I have to let him out to pee every few hours. Not to mention, Jovie has growled at me, bit Jude, ate off the floor, and peed in a box, on the floor, and on my computer chair (yes I sat in it before I noticed) all within 4 hours of her waking up this morning. Who needs a dog?

Lesson 96: not needing a pet because your children are less trained than a 6 month old puppy = white trash

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love reading your posts!! We breed dogs, and I'd have to say that I would never recommend for you to get a dog... at least not anytime soon =)

    P.S. I was turned on to your blog by Trudy... Janet's friend. Trudy is my seester!