May 3, 2011


Today, eight years ago, Adam was crazy enough to say "I do". Sucker.

Adam is always so thoughtful. Last year, he found out copper represented the 7th year, so he spent hours in the garage forging a heart shaped bracelet made of copper. Very sweet.

This year, he got online to see what he could do for me. He was pretty bummed to see it was bronze. He came to me scratching his head, "Honey, I think this year is gonna suck. I don't know where I'm going to find bronze scraps."

With Adam being deathly ill and having to work, and with our financial funds being low, we decided to write this anniversary off as a loss. He did see, however, during his research, that the 8th year is commonly overlooked, but it usually marks the year for prosperity. Bring it on!

As my present to him, I decided I would learn how to cook. No, I don't know how. I'm horrible. Adam actually has pictures of some of my failed attempts. My own mother didn't even let me in the kitchen growing up. Not since I burnt no-bake cookies. Don't ask.

So, as my first attempt to make my husband dinner, I chose soup and pumpkin souffle. I'm proud to say, it didn't turn out bad. I definitely added too many noodles to the soup, but it tastes ok. I did run into a small hitch. I tried to call my mom, but she wasn't home. I talked to my younger brother, "She's not home from work yet," he said. I sighed, knowing I will never live this down, "Is Ronnie home?"

Lesson 114: at age 31, having to call your 15 year old sister to find out what exactly is a casserole dish = white trash

Thanks Ronnie for clearing that up. Just for the record, my thoughts were right. I'm not a complete idiot. lol.

Happy Anniversary my sweet, sweet Adam. Only for you would I brave the kitchen!


  1. Oh, yay, I was thinking it was time for a post from you!

    Happy 8th Anniversary to you both!!!!

  2. Thank you. And for all who were wondering, Adam loved the soup and ate two bowls, and he loved the souffle so much he said he might put it on the menu at the restaurant in the fall. My cousin Brett (basement dweller) tried the souffle and said, "This gives my life meaning." lol. I guess they liked it! :)

  3. Hey Jess, anytime you have a cooking question you can always call me.....both my boys are chefs so I do know a few things about cooking! I remember the first birthday cake you attempted to make and you weren't sure if it called for water or milk! I still smile when I think about that! Just don't ask me about CURTAINS!