November 29, 2011


Adam surprised me today with a girls day out with his business partner, Lisa. In a few hours I will be leaving (without kids!) to go get my hair done with a female who doesn't whine and cry for stuffed animals and fruit snacks.

My hair has gotten quite long. It hasn't seen a pair of scissors since December 2009. My head has the only hair in the house that requires a professional. Jovie has never had her hair cut, and I am responsible for all the male hair disasters in our family. In my own defense, I am extrememly tired of cutting hair after the 3rd person, and I always have 2 more heads of hair to cut.

When I heard about my surprise I tried to recall the last time I went to the salon. It was my 30th birthday, and I was pregnant with Stone. That's when I realized the sad truth.....

Lesson 136: having more babies than hair cuts = white trash

In a two year time span, I have gotten my hair cut once, and I have given birth to 3 babies! Yikes! I'm hoping the ratio changes a little. My new goal for the next two years is to get my hair cut 3 times and only give birth to 1 baby. Haha!

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