January 25, 2013

Maternity Shirt Wanted!

It's no secret. My uterus is beat! You know that point at the very end of your pregnancy where your maternity clothes don't even cover your belly? Well, I'm already at that point, and I have 5 weeks to go! I've outgrown all my maternity shirts, and I'm even too big for all Adam's shirts. Ok, well there is one of Adam's shirts that still covers my whole belly.

Lesson  173: the only shirt in your house that covers your pregnant belly says, "Deez Nuts" = white trash

I won't be leaving my house for the next 5 weeks. Just saying.


  1. I would suggest going to Wal-Mart and getting the largest pack of tshirts of the cheapest brand to last you till then. It would be cute to have the kids put there hands on it after dipping them in paint right on the belly, but being in your third trimester where I am sure your favorite adjective to respond with when people ask how you are doing is "Pregnant", I would say just get the shirts and worry about cute things later.

  2. Guess how I got to this website? I was watching an episode of Baretta, and the phrase "hobo shower" was used. The phrase tickled my fancy, so I googled it to learn more about it, and lo and behold, up came this website!

    Lesson 174: people finding your website by googling 'hobo shower' = white trash