January 18, 2012

Aha! The Truth Comes Out.

I gained more weight with the twins than I normally do with a pregnancy, which isn't surprisng, but after they were born I've heard nothing but good things about the way I look. "You don't look like you've even had a baby, let alone 8," or, "If I looked that good after giving birth to twins, then I'd have some babies," etc.

These comments make me feel good, but I see what my body actually looks like. I do own a mirror people! Not to mention, I went to buy jeans the other day and I bought a size I'd rather not discuss.

Well, the jig is up! If you ever want to know the truth, ask an 8 year old with autism. Jagger doesn't have the capacity to tell flattering white lies. So, when he burst into the bathroom, when I was changing into my jammie pants, and said, "Ew," I knew I was finally going to know the truth.

"What do you mean ew?" I gave him the stink eye.

He looked at my bottom half with disgust, "What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked again.

He walked over and grabbed a handful of thigh fat, giving it a jiggle, "Uh, well, you got kinda big."

*sigh* "Jagger, don't tell women they're fat, it'll make them cry." He just shrugged and scampered away. I guess the sight of me scared whatever it was he wanted to ask me when he barged in.

Lesson 140: son jiggling unflattering leg fat and letting you know you've let yourself go = a flabby-butt white trash mom who desperately needs to go to the gym

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