January 9, 2012

Stone's First Joke

I love when my kids get old enough to have a sense of humor. God and laughter is what keeps this family going.

Jovie has been telling jokes for a while now, always knock-knock jokes, and they always end with some sort of potato hybrid. You know those kind of jokes...."Who's there?"...."Potato-banana with peanut butter!"

On Friday, I took Jovie, Stone, and the twins to pick up Marky. On the way back, Jovie decided to head up her own little comedy tour. She sat in the back for about a half an hour telling a new line of jokes. The punch line came immediately after the "Who's there". Can you detect a theme?

Jovie: "Knock-knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
Jovie: "Poopy diaper!" (laughter)

Jovie: "Knock-knock"
Me: "Who's there?"
Jovie: "Mommy has a poop face!" (hysterical laughter)

After several of those jokes, I hear Stone's little deep voice chant, "Mom....Mom.....Mom." Just so you know, Stone isn't a man of many words. He's had speech therapy for months, because he doesn't feel the need to speak. So, I wanted to make a point to let him know that what he had to say was important.

Stone: "Mom.....Mom...."
Me: "Yes Stone?"
Stone:........"POOP!" (proud laughter)
Me: *sigh* "Good one Stone."

Lesson 139: the whole content of your child's first joke being nothing more than the word POOP = white trash

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