January 25, 2012

Jovie's Mess

When we potty train our kids we keep a kiddie toilet in the living room. It just helps until they are more sure of themselves.

I know, I know....

Lesson 141: toilet in the living room = white trash

Jovie has finally become a potty-pro, and we gladly put the toilet back upstairs. (Until it's Stone's turn.) Now, in the bathroom, there is a big toilet with a little potty next to it. Then, there is also a training potty in Jovie's room, in case she needs it in the night.

Today, Jovie called to me from upstairs, "Mom, I pooped!" When I got there, I realized she isn't exactly the pro I thought she was. There was a little bit in the big potty, and some in the kid pot. "Jovie!" I yelled, as I answered my ringing phone. It was Adam's business partner. She needed to talk to me about the books for the restaurant.

As I talked to Lisa, Jovie yelled, "Don't forget this one Mom." Trying to give Lisa as much attention as I could, I went to see what my lovely daughter was talking about. When I got to her room, I found she had also made a deposit in that toilet.

"Well, I'll let you go," Lisa said. She could probably tell I wasn't able to talk about the books at that moment.

"Thanks. I have to clean Jovie's mess."

"What did she do now?"

"Pooped in three different toilets," I sighed.

Lisa laughed, "Wow. That girl needs to get her s*** together. Literally!"

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  1. We did the training potty in the living room during the day and in Isabella's bedroom at night. She'd wake up in the middle of the night, poop in the potty, and get right back in bed without waking me up. That kid is a saint I tell you! Of course when I walked into her room and found her little surprise I was always shocked and about fell over with the smell (poop+urine+all night long=bad smells)