April 17, 2012

Leather Couch

Yeah, my couch is disgusting. Completely disgusting. It used to be a nice soft fabric, but now the fuzziness has turned into a bizarre smooth surface.

The other day, Marky sat rubbing his hands across it (which made me want to vomit), "Hey, I didn't know our couch was leather."

Adam looked at me and we both started to laugh. Marky looked up puzzled, "What's so funny?"

"It's not leather," I told him.

"Well, it feels like it."

"It's from years of cereal and juice being smashed into it," Adam told him.

"That's gross." Marky jumped off the couch and ran away.

Yes, yes it is. He thought juice and cereal was gross, Adam didn't tell him anything about the occasional pee!

Lesson 149: your couch turning to leather after tanning it with juice and crushed cereal = white trash


  1. This one is classic. I really love your posts because at times, it could be ME writing this stuff. But our couch really is leather :) Gotta love 30 year old hand me downs.

  2. Purchasing a leather couch definitely is fairly admired because new manufacturing techniques have been developed that make this selection less classy than it used to be.