November 21, 2009

Ode To The Basement Dweller

We've been basement dweller free for a little over a month now, and in honor of those who have dwelt in the completely unprivate depths of our spider haven here is a poem:

No one to help Adam with manly chores;
No one to watch kids while I run to the store.
No bumpin' Bronco driving up the hill;
No Alex running up our electricity bill.
No one to laugh at with a morning hangover;
No Brett to eat all the dinner leftovers.
No more Monday tubes and barbeques;
No soothing buzz of home done tattoos.
No one to yell at Jackie's barking pets;
No Friday night dance party with Marky and Brett.
No guys outside smoking around that ridiculous hobo fire;
No one to help fix my broken clothes dryer.
No one to torment and scare the kids;
and then tell me you're just giving them the biz.....(ness) lol!
No more fights between you about choice of music;
Poopy diapers aren't funny any more with out making Brett sick.
No smell of Axe coming out from the shower;
No burning toast in the wee morning hours.
No one for Adam to teach his two tricks;
No one to advise us on our movie rental picks.
No one to talk with when Adam's at work and kids are in bed;
No annoying guitar song being played to get stuck in my head.
And though I can now use my cellar
We sure do miss our basement dwellers!

1 comment:

  1. be careful, I'm sure there are other's out there who would love to come dwell in your basement. My basement is a revolving door. Kind of like a long term bed and breakfast. Of course I don't serve the breakfast, the pour it in a bowl or put it in the toaster themselves.